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WS_FTP Server 2017 Plus Brings Improved Security and Usability

Mark Towler| September 07 2017

| security


WS_FTP Server 2017 Plus is here and with it new features and updates. Ipswitch has added a many security and usability improvements to this release.

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Improved Data Security

To start, WS_FTP Server 2017 Plus now has added support for OpenSSL 1.0.2k, which is the latest version of OpenSSL, so all the latest security vulnerabilities have been addressed in this release. Also, at the request of one of our large customers, we enhanced the key-exchange algorithms. We added support for Diffie Hellman Group 14 SHA256 as well as Group Exchange SHA256. We also enhanced support for Remote SQL Server to support TLS 1.2.

Improved Usability 

Besides improved security, there is improved usability with the ability to enable and disable specific algorithms and change the priority of them. This means you have a lot more control over how the key-exchange algorithms are controlled, similar to how HMACs and ciphers are handled.


FTP Server

So what exactly are the differences between WS_FTP line of products and our MOVEit line of products? WS_FTP Server is really a simple, secure file transfer server. And it's designed to be able to be setup very quickly and easily without a lot of training, and it has accomplished that for many years. It's been used by tens of thousands of customers, and it's a really bullet-proof, reliable piece of software. 

MOVEit on the other hand is designed for people that  live in the upper stratosphere of data security. Businesses that need to comply with PCI and HIPAA and other regulatory/compliance regulations will find that MOVEit is a better solution that suits their needs.

Both WS_FTP Server and MOVEit use AES 256 encryption in transit, but the MOVEit product line uses our own crypto-library for encryption of data at rest, which is what allows MOVEit to meet requirements of HIPAA and PCI.

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