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[Infographic] Controlling the Complexity of Today's IT Networks

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken its foothold, the fragmentation of mobile devices which consume much of our lives are the norm, and the applications and services we use to get our daily work done are plentiful. Your end users expect their apps and devices to work instantly and seamlessly. When they don't IT is the first to hear about it.

To put it lightly, today's IT infrastructure is complex and for every business it's unique. When everything is running smoothly and your users can get their jobs done without interruption, it's considered a great day. When your users start experiencing downtime, your life can quickly be consumed by chaos. That's why having the ability to remedy performance issues before they affect your users is necessary.

Ipswitch recently surveyed over 1,300 IT professionals globally about the state of IT management and network monitoring at their organizations. The goal of this research was to gain insight into the current IT management challenges facing today’s IT teams. Respondents overwhelmingly felt that today’s IT environments were very complex – and that their growing complexity was making it increasingly difficult for them to do their jobs successfully.

Don't let this overwhelming complexity consume your time and energy.

Click on graphic to enlarge.

Download Ipswitch's survey The Challenges of Controlling IT Complexity to understand how IT teams are struggling and how you can overcome these challenges.

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