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‘Twas the Night(mare) Before Christmas for IT Pros

Dave Seuss| December 21 2015

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skeleton with christmas decorationToday we announced the findings of our third annual ‘Happy Holidays?’ survey that revealed the nightmares IT pros can expect during the holiday season. Our survey was conducted across the US and the UK, polling a total of 543 IT pros.

Employees working remotely or being careless during holiday celebrations will create a nightmare before (and during) the Christmas season.

What we found interesting about the survey data:

Coping with the nightmare before Christmas

Rather than celebrating the holidays with friends and family uninterrupted, IT pros will be dealing with the network nightmares that arise. The survey polling 165 British IT pros revealed that over a quarter (27 percent) can expect to be either on-call or working on Christmas Eve, with 10 percent on Christmas day. 13 percent of IT professionals in the UK also expect to be tied up with work matters on New Year’s Eve.

IT Pros and Employees: Home for the holidays

IT teams can expect an increased demand for remote management capabilities and 24/7 access as employees will be working from home, traveling or on vacation. When asked what percentage of their workforce will be working remotely over the holidays, 47 percent of IT professionals in the U.S. and 51 percent of the Brits said up to 25 percent. Another 29 percent in the US said up to 50% of their workforce, as compared with 26 percent of the British IT pros.

Holiday horrors continue

When asked what the most common IT problem employees face when the office is closed for the holidays, the top two issues for IT pros in the UK and the US were laptop problems (39 percent) and the inability to access the network (36 percent). 28 percent of IT professionals in the UK indicated poor application performance was also a common problem, followed by the 21 percent that reported security-related issues (e.g. malware on laptops). To add to mounting pressures, 41 percent of IT professionals in the UK have experienced a major network outage during a company holiday while 38 percent of IT professionals in the US have experienced the same.

Celebrations gone wrong

While employees are spreading holiday cheer, IT pros are left tackling the consequences that can result from company holiday celebrations. Over half of IT professionals (57 percent) in the UK reported that they’re worried that their network could suffer a data breach at the hands of a careless celebration. In addition, 36 percent of IT professionals in the UK confirmed they have had an IT user report the loss of a device holding company data following holiday celebrations in a pub, restaurant, or at a party.

What to expect in 2016. When asked what IT believes to be the “must-have” gadget in 2016, 34 percent of IT professionals in the UK said wearable technology, whereas 33 percent of IT professionals in the US said smart phones. The survey also uncovered that the top resolution in 2016 for IT professionals in both the US and UK was increased level of network security, with about 50% reporting in.

For the full findings from both the US and UK, download the respective infographics and data below.

US Version

UK Version

Nightmare Before Christmas Infographic (UK):

Ipswitch UK Holiday Survey_2015_Infographic_final

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