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Posted on 10.06.21 by Joseph Barringhaus

File Sharing Security Risks and How To Mitigate Them With Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Let's play a game. Close one eye if you feel your existing file sharing mechanisms and technologies are lacking the necessary security, control and governance angles.  

Close the other eye if you've ever gone down the path of "Shadow IT" just to try and patch up these...

Posted on 09.29.21 by David Perez

Secure File Transfer: A Day in the Life of a File

What does a file go through to complete a secure, efficient journey? 

Posted on 09.16.21 by Doug Barney

Making File Transfer Safe and Easy: Just Say No to Scripting

File transfers are too important to trust to just any old script. Ensure speed and secure transfers with automation. 

Posted on 09.07.21 by Doug Barney

Avoiding the GDPR Data Transfer Pothole – Don’t Let Data Get Lost or Stolen During Transit

GDPR is now three-years old, and even the largest companies are still regularly caught in its snares. And those that haven't yet run into trouble are maybe more vulnerable than they think. In this blog, learn more about data protection and GDPR compliance.

Posted on 08.31.21 by Doug Barney

Data Protection is Not Complete Without a Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT) Software

Data threats are increasing every day and smart IT pros are racing to not just keep up but get ahead. One area many neglect is secure file transfer.

Posted on 08.17.21 by Doug Barney

What Are the Top Methods for Secure File Transfer – and Which Ones Don't Work

Just because a tool calls itself Secure File Transfer doesn't make it so. Many so-called secure solutions are in fact only partially secure – and sometimes barely secure. So what are the top methods to transfer files securely?

Posted on 08.06.21 by Doug Barney

Three Keys to Healthcare IT: HIPAA, Zero Trust and Ensuring File Transfers Are Secure

The bar for security in Healthcare IT is so high it takes Olympic-class efforts to clear it. Securing data is the most critical hurdle. So where is your most sensitive data? In files, of course. And it is these files that fly about like seagulls at the fishing pier....

Posted on 07.26.21 by Joseph Barringhaus

How to Automate and Integrate with Managed File Transfer

Manually transferring files through legacy protocols such as FTP is a painful memory you would probably like to forget. That's where Automation comes into play.

Posted on 07.13.21 by Doug Barney

What is Secure File Transfer?

Secure File Transfer is as simple as it sounds, the secure transfer of files. But the real questions revolve around why you need to securely transfer files, what happens if you don’t, and how the heck can we do it properly?

Posted on 06.24.21 by Doug Barney

6 Advantages of Single Sign-On and Why Your Business Needs It

You probably have heard the saying "practice makes perfect" countless times, but in situations where there's nothing to perfect, repetition gets boring and tedious with time.

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