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Posted by Adam Bertram

Select-String: The grep of PowerShell

When writing PowerShell code and you need to search for text inside of a single string or an entire text file, where do you turn? 

Posted by Adam Bertram

File Cannot Be Accessed Fix with Handle.exe

Handle.exe is a 3rd party tool that can help track down a process that is locking down a file you are trying access. Here is how.

Posted by Adam Bertram

Working with File Catalogs in PowerShell 5.1

Working with lots of files all strewn about in different folders can sometimes prove troublesome. This is where PowerShell can help.

Posted by Adam Bertram

Advanced PowerShell Functions: Upping Your Game

When writing large PowerShell scripts or modules, it will eventually become necessary to split up the code into modular pieces. Modularity can be achieved by using basic and advanced PowerShell functions. It also encourages good coding practices. One way to build modular...

Posted by Adam Bertram

The PowerShell Script Orchestrator

Some scripting languages are designed for one purpose and one purpose only. VBScript and batch files were used to automate small tasks. These languages were meant to offer a helping hand with various ad hoc tasks solely on local Windows systems. Nowadays, this just won't...

Posted by Adam Bertram

Windows Performance Counters: Getting Started

When a Windows server is running as expected, no one notices. But as it begins running low on resources, a system administrator typically finds out quickly just how important that server is. Performance suffers and Windows performance counters can help. It's important...

Posted by Adam Bertram

Leveraging PowerShell Automation in the Cloud

These days, just about every CIO, IT manager and IT professional has his head in the cloud. Organizations have found that offloading various utilitarian services to the cloud allows them to focus more on delivering business value rather than just keeping the lights on....

Posted by Adam Bertram

PowerShell Scripting and Open Management Infrastructure (OMI)

As an IT professional or manager, when you think of the word "script," what comes to mind? Are images of VBScript and batch files still haunting you to this day? Are you just thinking about a nice, little piece of code that automates some mundane task? If so, let's get...

Posted by Adam Bertram

Use PowerShell to Automate Log Reviews

When an operating system crashes, a server stops responding to ping, or a simple PowerShell DSC configuration needs to be debugged, where's the first place a sysadmin goes? The event log. The Windows event log records a wealth of information. Let's see how we can...

Posted by Adam Bertram

PowerShell on Linux: Not Just Windows Anymore

On Aug. 18, Jeffrey Snover finally got his wish. It was a wish that we in the PowerShell community knew was eventually coming judging from his tongue-in-cheek responses when asked about it for many months. Windows PowerShell was renamed simply to PowerShell because...

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