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Michael O'Dwyer
An Irishman based in Hong Kong, Michael O’Dwyer is a business & technology journalist, independent consultant and writer who specializes in writing for enterprise, small business and IT audiences. With 20+ years of experience in everything from IT and electronic component-level failure analysis to process improvement and supply chains (and an in-depth knowledge of Klingon,) Michael is a sought-after writer whose quality sources, deep research and quirky sense of humor ensures he’s welcome in high-profile publications such as The Street and Fortune 100 IT portals.

Recent Posts

Posted on 04.27.17 by Michael O'Dwyer

Reducing Security Breaches in Fintech is a Business Priority

Fintech is a valuable target for hackers seeking financial reward and we can’t stop all breaches without changing our attitude towards security.

Posted on 04.20.17 by Michael O'Dwyer

Data Privacy Dead After FCC Reversal Legalizes ISP Data Mining

The repeal of the FCC rule on ISP data mining has serious implications, not only for individual data privacy, but for businesses as well. 

Posted on 01.24.17 by Michael O'Dwyer

Virtual Teams: Striving for Problem-Free Video Conferencing?

Few can envy the IT team tasked with organizing a video conference call with virtual teams in several locations when each member may use a different device or be in a different IT environment.

Posted on 01.03.17 by Michael O'Dwyer

Mars Missions in Film: Science Fact vs. Fiction

Reminiscent of the space race in the 1960s, when the USSR and the U.S. competed to be the first to put a man on the moon, today's projected Mars missions are possible thanks to a long history of evolving technology. A few months ago Boeing entered the race, claiming it...

Posted on 12.19.16 by Michael O'Dwyer

Wi-Fi Interference 101: Solving Common Problems

Whether your company has a single wireless network or multiple networks and access points, Wi-Fi interference issues are a common problem, frustrating users and IT pros alike and slowing down network traffic.

Posted on 10.28.16 by Michael O'Dwyer

AI Ethics 101: Latest Trends and Concerns for Intelligent Systems

At the time of writing, AI ethics is a hot topic, given that several global players (namely Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft) have founded the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society. Their aims are to advance public awareness and...

Posted on 10.24.16 by Michael O'Dwyer

Debug Bluetooth Devices Without The Frustration

Any discussion on the methods used to debug Bluetooth will not involve the use of soldering irons or replacement of components at a hardware level. The reason for this is quite simple — a Bluetooth radio is either on or off, with chipsets and Bluetooth stacks (the...

Posted on 10.14.16 by Michael O'Dwyer

Secure Deletion of Data Not So Secure?

Back in the early Jurassic era (or 1956 for those requiring specifics), secure deletion of data was not an issue as computing had not entered the mainstream. That year, IBM shipped the first hard disk drives (HDDs) as part of the 305 RAMAC system. They had 24-inch...

Posted on 09.29.16 by Michael O'Dwyer

Software Licensing Tips to Reduce the Risk of Legal Action

If you require software licensing tips, don't expect your software vendors to be of any real help, given the prevalence of outsourced call centers by many of the world's global players. If you can understand the accent of your assigned contact, congratulations! You have...

Posted on 09.01.16 by Michael O'Dwyer

Annoying Internet Ads: An Open Letter to Digital Marketers Everywhere

Dearest Digital Marketers,

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