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Posted on 08.25.16 by Joe Hewitson

Has SMB Cloud Adoption Reached a Tipping Point?

SMB cloud adoption has trailed behind enterprise rates for some time. Whether due to inadequate resources, overbearing security requirements or a simple misunderstanding of the technology, the small and midsize market has only recently begun to make significant cloud...

Posted on 08.02.16 by Joe Hewitson

API Security: 3 Ways to Evaluate API Management Systems

In the modern business world, applications are the vehicles for getting stuff done. This has become even more apparent as mobile technology enables us to be more productive in more places than ever before. But despite all the buzz about security in the mobile world,...

Posted on 07.07.16 by Joe Hewitson

Endpoint Security Management: How to Make a Hard Job a Little Easier

Let's cut right to the chase here, the life of an IT pro is hard. With endless to-do lists stuffed with infrastructure maintenance, security management and support, it's always a new adventure. Unfortunately for us, it doesn't look like things are getting any easier....

Posted on 06.27.16 by Joe Hewitson

The Rise of BYON: Preparing for User-Defined Networks

With the advent of BYOD, it seems like just yesterday that a new mobile movement was making waves through enterprise organizations across the globe. BYOD offers new opportunities for increased productivity, but it also raises a slew of difficult security questions. While...

Posted on 05.19.16 by Joe Hewitson

Port Management for an IoT World

The importance of port management (and every other aspect of network infrastructure) has grown exponentially as our dependence on connectivity has increased. Additionally, with the advent of mainstream IoT technology, port management's role in both IT management and...

Posted on 04.15.16 by Joe Hewitson

IT Security Awareness Training: Tips for a More Effective Strategy

Mandatory training is rarely enjoyable in a modern enterprise environment. Visions of monotonous PowerPoints and jargon-laden tests instantly come to mind when you see the email, and IT security awareness training is (sadly) no different. Nonetheless, the integrity of...

Posted on 04.07.16 by Joe Hewitson

Using EDI X12 to Streamline Communication Infrastructure

Communication, both within the enterprise and B2B, is the lifeline of business ops. As these communications transitioned from paper to electronic data, however, a new standard was required to ensure disparate systems could efficiently handle incoming content. Thus, EDI...

Posted on 03.22.16 by Joe Hewitson

Information Technology Humor: The Other Side of IT

IT is a pretty thankless job; long hours to deploy technology that's often invisible to the average user isn't exactly an ego boost as you leave work every night. But for every moment of sheer frustration — and they are many — there's a much lighter side to support,...

Posted on 03.21.16 by Joe Hewitson

How to Assess Server Health the Easy Way

If network infrastructure is the backbone of modern business, the servers it connects would be the brain. Enterprises rely on these machines for data storage, processing and associated business apps. It comes as no surprise, then, that maintaining server health is one of...

Posted on 02.10.16 by Joe Hewitson

Be Prepared with Enough Network Bandwidth

Predicting the future isn't a perfect practice without a DeLorean. For support desks at SMBs, however, determining network bandwidth needs down the line is critical to sustained growth. The farmer's almanac may not cover network environments, but with a few helpful tips,...

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