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Posted on 04.07.16 by Joe Hewitson

Using EDI X12 to Streamline Communication Infrastructure

Communication, both within the enterprise and B2B, is the lifeline of business ops. As these communications transitioned from paper to electronic data, however, a new standard was required to ensure disparate systems could efficiently handle incoming content. Thus, EDI...

Posted on 01.08.16 by Joe Hewitson

Privacy vs. Security: How to Find the Right Balance

The battle over privacy vs. security is a constant reminder of not just how far the Web has taken us, but how far we have to go to agree on its public usage. On one side you have an army of users who trust you — or aren't aware they are trusting you — with the sensitive...

Posted on 12.01.15 by Joe Hewitson

How IT Challenges Weigh Compliance vs. Cost

SMBs face a variety of IT challenges that their larger, corporate cousins would scoff at. Chief among them is an often less-than-ideal budget that leaves no wiggle room for error. The first method many SMBs use to bypass added IT costs is to simply go without. With...

Posted on 11.20.15 by Joe Hewitson

How Continuous Data Protection Can Secure More File Transfers

Secure file transfer has been a somewhat quiet revelation for modern IT. As digital data continues to drive your biggest projects, the ability to transmit meaningful data at the click of a button becomes a necessity. Why then are data-sensitive environments so hesitant...

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