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Posted on 06.11.20 by Rick Robinson

Prescription for Healthcare Data Encryption

It has taken a long time, but the medical community is finally embracing the information age. Thanks to the widespread adoption of toolsets such as Epic Systems, electronic health records (EHRs) are now making critical health information available when and where it is...

Posted on 01.30.20 by Rick Robinson

Data Privacy vs. Data Protection

This article will stick to the American usage — but remember that if you are operating globally, the terminology can get confusing.

Posted on 06.07.18 by Rick Robinson

Open Source FTP Clients vs. Proprietary: Pros and Cons

Open source is cool. But when it comes to FTP client solutions, it may be hip to be square. Here's why proprietary software might be best for your company.

Posted on 06.04.18 by Rick Robinson

In the Healthcare Data Revolution, AI Looms Large

Healthcare data is reshaping medicine, and the transformation is only beginning. Until very recently, "data" as a concept hardly existed in the practice of medicine. Clinical researchers compiled data, to be sure, but the doctors who consulted their studies looked at...

Posted on 02.10.17 by Rick Robinson

Robust IT Infrastructure for Lean IT Departments

Lean IT, in its essence, is all about doing well the IT tasks the organization needs to do, while not doing things that don't really need to be done.

Posted on 01.25.17 by Rick Robinson

Data Theft? On the Internet, No Train Is Too Long to Rob

Your organization is not in the health care or financial sectors, so your data management is not subject to regulatory compliance audits. Your revenue model does not involve keeping a large customer account database, or managing a constant flow of credit card...

Posted on 12.06.16 by Rick Robinson

Dated IT Infrastructure? Six Warning Signs You've Been Missing

Is your IT infrastructure starting to get on a bit in years? Perhaps what got you thinking about this is the stone archway over the server room door, the one with the carved inscription, IT INFRASTRVCTVRE.

Posted on 11.17.16 by Rick Robinson

Managed Service Providers Halt Shadow IT

There are days when it feels like everyone hates on IT. And especially it may feel that way on the day you find out that a business unit team have been freelancing their own IT operation. Perhaps they have been transferring files around the network, even all over the...

Posted on 11.04.16 by Rick Robinson

The Technology Platform Contest in the 2016 Presidential Race

The 2016 presidential election may go down in history as the first true cyber-era election. Social media has come of age as a campaign tool and is central to the broader shaping of public opinion. Hacking, possibly by foreign state actors, has become a major campaign...

Posted on 10.31.16 by Rick Robinson

The Antikythera Mechanism: Bad Day for the IT Guy

More than 2,000 years after it ended up on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, the Antikythera shipwreck continues to make news. Its cargo included the famous Antikythera Mechanism, a sophisticated analog computer. Most recently, undersea archaeologists found the...

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