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IT Pros Concerned Colleagues Don't Get Compliance

Ipswitch Blog| August 28 2014

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In our second post on a recent Osterman Research survey, we reveal IT’s biggest concerns with other department leaders and their roles in compliance. Of the 153 members of the Osterman Research panel surveyed, the majority of senior IT decision makers  lack confidence in their own ability to properly manage and meet compliance obligations. Beyond their own capabilities, IT departments also lack confidence in their coworkers’ abilities to manage compliance. confusedCaptureAccording to the survey:

  • When it comes to ownership and taking responsibility, more than one-third (39 percent) of IT professionals are concerned that their security managers leave compliance management entirely up to IT
  • Additionally, 34 percent of IT professionals fear their security managers don’t take an active enough role in enforcing compliance policies within their organizations and 28 percent are concerned that security managers fail to help define their company’s compliance policies
  • Almost half of IT professionals (47%) believe line of business (LOB) managers really don’t understand compliance well

Ensuring an organization understands and maintains compliance is a big job, and one that can’t be manually achieved by a single department. In fact, 34 percent of IT professionals worry that security managers don’t understand how difficult compliance management really is.

Consider MFT

While IT is charged with keeping business processes smooth and secure, they have little control over all file movements across an organization and insight into operations. IT professionals can consider an automated managed file transfer (MFT) solution for transparent movement of files and strengthen related IT processes through scalability, reliability, failover, and disaster recovery. Aberdeen analyst Derek Brink found that organizations with MFT solutions resolve errors nearly five times faster than those without one in place.

The need to manage all of this activity under a tighter security and compliance regimen means nothing can be left to chance. Without an MFT solution, companies run the risk of violating a growing number of statutes and regulations designed to protect sensitive data from being breached.


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