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We Need to Talk (about compliance)

Ipswitch Blog| September 03 2014

| security

In my third and final post addressing the Osterman Research 2014 IT & Stakeholder Compliance Survey, I'll address why IT professionals should work more closely with business stakeholders to better meet compliance. I'll start by sharing key findings that show how much IT wants to work with LoB folks:

  • IT would like to work A BIT more closely with LoB functions (35%)
  • IT is good with the way things are now (32%)
  • IT would like to work MUCH more closely with LoB functions (28%)
  • Frankly, IT would like LoB functions to get out of their way (5%)

talk_to_meCurrently, there is a clear discord between IT departments and LoB functions. However, these differences are not irreconcilable. IT departments are well aware that they need more collaboration with business managers. This will not only improve productivity, performance and profitability, but also achieve compliance.

Line of business functions and IT departments must synchronize efforts to manage internal and external policies and regulatory requirements. For this to be executed properly, open dialogue and a succinct architecture are crucial. This means managers must always encourage and enforce uniformity in technical safeguards. These include access controls, encrypted communication, event logging and written records of detailed files. Without a cohesive team and solution in place, companies could be setting themselves up for costly audit failures or security breaches.

To learn more about the Ipswitch 2014 IT & Stakeholder Compliance Survey and innovative solutions to help IT solve compliance challenges, check out our pre-recorded webinar with analyst Michael Osterman.


Topics: security

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