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Continental Ditches Scripts and Automates File Transfer

Andy Morris| September 19 2016

| Security

Continental Automotive Ditches Scripts and Automates File TransfeContinental Automotive is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers, employing over 215,000 people in 55 countries. With five divisions and a global network, Continental has a lot of data to transfer between several thousand internal and external customers, suppliers and users.

Continental's former file transfer processes were based on custom scripts and had become very complex and unwieldy. The volume was constantly increasing, many of which were one-time-only file transfers. It was becoming way too time consuming and costly.

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Christopher John Miller, Head of IT at Continental Automotive explains, "Creating a data exchange relationship takes time, requires documentation and approval, and creates entities that stay in the system a minimum of one year. This was too much time spent for file transfers that often only occur just once."

IT Needed It to Be Easy for Users

IT needed to simplify this process for their users. John needed a fast, secure and easy method to exchange an ever growing number of large files.

After evaluating several managed file transfer solutions John selected Ipswitch MOVEit MFT Complete that includes the secure and managed file transfer capabilities of MOVEit Transfer with the automated workflow functionality of MOVEit Automation.

"The synchronization of data from multiple clients became so much easier than before. We can now easily integrate partners into our workflow and data exchange processes." – John Miller, Continental


MOVEit MFT Complete protects Continental's sensitive files using secure networking protocols, such as FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS and ASx. All files are encrypted in transit and at rest. Continental is able to authenticate MOVEit users via external authentication including LDAP, Secure LDAP, SSO (SAML 2.0) and RADIUS.


automating scripts VIDEO: take a guided tour to see how you can eliminate the inefficiencies and costs associated with manual file transfer scripts.


Continental's Application Hosting Environment provides its users and partners with access to the tools necessary to stay fully integrated with Continental's processes. MOVEit MFT Complete workflow automation ensures that the data transferred to and from the Application Hosting Environment is documented and delivered securely.

"The whole file transfer process with internal users and partners is now less time-consuming, more efficient and less expensive." – John Miller, Continental

See firsthand how Ipswitch MOVEit can automate and protect your file transfer with a free 30-day trial.


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