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Posted by Doug Bonderud

Solving The Sedentary Lifestyle: IT Edition

You’ve seen the articles: Stand up at work! Move around! Be active! Great advice for the average user but what happens when you’re the go-to IT “fixer” or resident coding expert and barely get a chance to use the bathroom, let alone take the time to “be healthy”? Plus,...

Posted by Rick Robinson

Robust IT Infrastructure for Lean IT Departments

Lean IT, in its essence, is all about doing well the IT tasks the organization needs to do, while not doing things that don't really need to be done.

Posted by Michael O'Dwyer

Virtual Teams: Striving for Problem-Free Video Conferencing?

Few can envy the IT team tasked with organizing a video conference call with virtual teams in several locations when each member may use a different device or be in a different IT environment. The call may be crucial, with partners, potential investors and board members...

Posted by Dave Ceddia

How to Learn React (and Build Something)

I want to learn React… but what should I build?

Posted by Michael O'Dwyer

Mars Missions in Film: Science Fact vs. Fiction

Reminiscent of the space race in the 1960s, when the USSR and the U.S. competed to be the first to put a man on the moon, today's projected Mars missions are possible thanks to a long history of evolving technology. A few months ago Boeing entered the race, claiming it...

Posted by Kevin Conklin

5 Reasons IT Pros Do Better in Darkness

The recent winter solstice - and the strikingly short amount of daylight that goes with it - got us thinking about how well our favorite people, IT pros, handle the darkness. So we did some research and came up with some helpful facts to cheer you up.

Posted by Greg Mooney

Fixing Blown Capacitors for Hero Status

A lot of people throw away a lot of otherwise fully operational electronics due to blown capacitors (caps). I've worked in IT for quite a few years and that doesn't even include my 5 years of time in the audio consumer electronics space. To put is simply, a capacitor is...

Posted by John P. Mello Jr.

Don't Chase the Next Big Thing When Selling Tech to the Brass

We've all faced this dilemma: a new product or process appears on the market, the trade press and an industry's hype machine goes into overdrive about how it will be a game changer. But we're reluctant to pull the trigger because "the next big thing" might be around the...

Posted by Michael O'Dwyer

Wi-Fi Interference 101: Solving Common Problems

Whether your company has a single wireless network or multiple networks and access points, Wi-Fi interference issues are a common problem, frustrating users and IT pros alike and slowing down network traffic.

Posted by Doug Bonderud

How Much Does the Internet Weigh?

The internet is huge. So huge that humans have spent years trying to quantify the concept. As noted by Live Science, for example, a study published in Supercomputing Frontiers suggested that the internet had a storage capacity of 10^24 bytes, while tech company Cisco...

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