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Defrag This | it-insights

Posted on 10.12.17 by Greg Mooney

PowerShell Vs. The World

Debates between users of different scripting languages can be heated as everyone tries to defend their personal favorite as “the best.” It’s not necessarily clear what could objectively make one language “better” than another overall, though. Here is what PowerShell guru...

Posted on 10.03.17 by Adam Bertram

How Do You Install Python?

To kick off our series on Python from a PowerShell guy’s perspective, the first thing we have to do is install Python.

Posted on 10.02.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

The Changing Role of the CIO (Part 2)

Within each enterprise, savvy CIOs are undergoing transformation, too – from a role as service provider for other departments to strategic corporate leader.

Posted on 09.29.17 by Dan Franciscus

Chocolatey Is Quite Yummy

When it comes to package management, Windows has historically been far behind Linux. With Chocolatey, Windows users can now get a taste of something "yummy." 

Posted on 09.27.17 by Missy Januszko

Setting Up Red and Blue security teams

Defending against new threats is a never-ending battle, and in that battle, regular penetration testing becomes a great weapon in a security team’s arsenal.

Posted on 09.21.17 by Greg Mooney

Should You Use A Registry Cleaner Like CCleaner?

CCleaner has been used by IT professionals and users alike for cleaning up temporary files and the Windows registry. But is cleaning the Windows registry useful?

Posted on 09.20.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Changing Role of IT Managers and Security (Part 1)

By showing the way to mine data quickly and use it effectively, IT managers will become our data heroes. 

Posted on 09.15.17 by Adam Bertram

Working with Interactive Prompts in PowerShell

In this PowerShell tutorial, we will cover a few ways to interactively prompt a user for input.

Posted on 09.06.17 by Virginia Lux

It's Hurricane Season: Are Your Disaster Recovery Plans in Place?

Hurricane Harvey's unprecedented flooding of Texas may only be the the beginning. Now that a possibly more powerful Hurricane Irma targets the east coast US, you better hope your disaster recover plans are adequate. 

Posted on 08.31.17 by Adam Bertram

Building PowerShell Scripts to Tie Disparate Products Together

The PowerShell scripting language has been called “automation glue” more times than I can count.

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