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Defrag This | it-insights

Posted on 04.26.17 by Adam Bertram

What is Pester for PowerShell?

As you begin to depend on your PowerShell scripts for more important tasks, you'll discover that building tests for those scripts become necessary.

Posted on 04.21.17 by Gregory Tompkins

The Healthcare IT Glossary

Whether you've landed a new IT job in the healthcare or simply looking to brush up on healthcare lingo, referring to this healthcare IT glossary will help.

Posted on 04.11.17 by Adam Bertram

Manage DNS Zones with PowerShell

If you find yourself making changes on your Microsoft DNS servers using the DNS MMC snapin you're probably wasting a lot of time.

Posted on 04.03.17 by Adam Bertram

What is Infrastructure Testing?

As we all try to do more with less with automation, we sometimes get to a point to where we've got a new problem. We're now running so many scripts and processes that, in the end, we're not sure what "done" looks like.

Posted on 03.22.17 by Benedicte Ferrari-Clementz

Automating Web-Based Tasks with iMacros

In December 2016, Ipswitch commissioned a survey of iMacros users, to learn who they are, what they’re using the product to do, and how it’s positively impacting their workflows. 

Posted on 03.21.17 by Adam Bertram

Select-String: The grep of PowerShell

When writing PowerShell code and you need to search for text inside of a single string or an entire text file, where do you turn? 

Posted on 03.07.17 by Adam Bertram

File Cannot Be Accessed Fix with Handle.exe

Handle.exe is a 3rd party tool that can help track down a process that is locking down a file you are trying access. Here is how.

Posted on 03.02.17 by Greg Mooney

Defrag This - Episode 5 - What's Up with PowerShell and Pester?

In this episode of Defrag This, we're joined with Microsoft PowerShell MVP, Adam Bertram, as we pick his brain on what the big deal is about PowerShell and the test automation framework, Pester.

Posted on 02.27.17 by Adam Bertram

Working with File Catalogs in PowerShell 5.1

Working with lots of files all strewn about in different folders can sometimes prove troublesome. This is where PowerShell can help.

Posted on 02.14.17 by Doug Bonderud

Solving The Sedentary Lifestyle: IT Edition

You’ve seen the articles: Stand up at work! Move around! Be active! Great advice for the average user but what happens when you’re the go-to IT “fixer” or resident coding expert and barely get a chance to use the bathroom, let alone take the time to “be healthy”? Plus,...

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